Automate your design system documentation in Notion with Specify

Our future Notion app helps you document your design system, increase brand consistency and create press/brand kits automatically

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Make the most out of your existing stack

Your entire company relies on Notion when it comes to make your daily work and knowledge live side by side. Leverage your current stack and connect Specify to Notion in minutes.

Figma + Notion

Tools your teammates love and use every single day, now in harmony.

Powered by Specify

Your existing documentation in Notion, now in sync with your design and code.

Rule them all

Keep your toolbox light, bring connections between apps and bring clarity.


Keep your design system documentation up-to-date, effortlessly

Collect, synchronize and document all your design decisions from Figma to Notion in minutes and automatically, thanks to Specify. Here you go, always up-to-date documentation, no tech skills required.

You design, we collect

Specify extract and sync your design tokens and assets from Figma in minutes.

A real source of truth

Store all your design tokens and assets in our powerful Design API.

Docs always updated

Automatically document your design system from Specify to Notion.


Start from scratch or use Notion templates made by Specify

Documentation is not easy to start with, nor to maintain. That’s why we’ve created ready-to-use Notion templates to help you get started on each use case you may come across.

Design system documentation

Turn your Notion databases into powerful design system documentation tools.

Press/Brand kit

Complete and share your kit with your colors, logos and images, automagically.

Project documentation

Hand-off your design decisions by mentioning them to your project pages.

Want more? Here's more for you, Notion lover

Some features that will make you fall in love about having your design data automatically documented in Notion by Specify


Collaborate on your documentation in Notion while we keep it updated.


Share your documentation with all your teammates or clients.


See all previous changes made to your documentation.


Make your documentation available externally and use our templates.


Get generated thumbnails for each of your design token and asset.

It’s just the beginning

With more features to come to help you document your design system.

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