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Inside Specify #4: Welcome to Nathanaël & Florent

Learn more about two of our new team members: Nathanaël who joined us as a Software Engineer, and Florent who joined us as a Growth Product Manager.

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Aug 11, 2022

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Aug 11, 2022

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Aug 11, 2022

We started a series introducing you to the people who build Specify. You learnt more about Maud, Yann-Edern, Thibaut, Nicolas, Khalil and Alexis. This post is the fourth one, shining a spotlight on two new members of the team: Nathanaël and Florent.

Welcome to Nathanaël...

Here at Specify, Nathanaël (a.k.a. Nate) works closely with the marketing team to make our vision a reality, mostly by coding stunning pages for our website and improving how we handle and present our content through our blog, guides, and else. He's the one who's been implementing the animations our designers create. He makes sure they play smoothly on all devices.

Becoming a Software Engineer in web development wasn't obvious to him at first. Back when he graduated from high school, Nate thought science was cool and chemistry sounded like an exciting thing to do as a career. However, he quickly realized that learning formulas and doing linear algebra all day long weren't his cup of tea. On the contrary, computer science classes were much more interesting than he expected.

Nate discovered web development by creating a web app to help League of Legends players improve with statistics, and he was hooked.

Nate first heard of Specify thanks to Allan, and he was almost immediately won over by the concept and the product. Nate's pragmatic and looks to automate everything he can, so the idea of syncing design tokens without a thought clicked with him instantly.

Outside of work, you'd most likely find him playing strategic or narrative games like Darkest Dungeon (I or II) or games from DON'T NOD studio, or building yet another deck for Magic: The Gathering. When meeting friends, he's always up for playing a new board game or a tabletop RPG like Dungeons and Dragons.

... And to Florent

Florent (a.k.a. Flo) joined us as Growth Product Manager to help us shape the future of our Design API.

When he was 14, Flo cracked Photoshop to design forum signature banners.

Then, he was doing marketing, SEO, product design, and community building in fast-paced environments. 2-times cofounder, he helped many founders build sustainable and profitable B2B SaaS companies.

Two years ago, Flo stumbled upon Specify while browsing Dribbble. It was "love at first sight." He loved the little big UI details on the landing page and fully embraced the vision. So, he applied for early access, and Louis onboarded him as a new user. Flo started using the product, engaging with the team to share feedback and suggest improvements.

"I had my Aha moment when I read the Introduction to design tokens" Flo said. "Updating a UI component or managing light and dark themes should be effortless for product teams."

When he had the opportunity to join the team, it was a no-brainer.

He took the leap with the mission to help teams embrace the value of design tokens and build better products faster.

When not working, Flo creates presentations in Pitch, and when not in front of a computer, he likes to play board games and with his 18-month old "little rainbow" daughter — not yet at the same time.

One more thing

Nate and Flo recently contributed to a new page that introduces our Beta Program.

We're currently prototyping a design system documentation in Notion that syncs with Figma automatically.

Want to join us on our journey to create the future of design system documentation?

👉 Join the Beta Program

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