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Introducing the Specify CLI

Meet the (new) Specify CLI, with a fresh new design and a new error management system to help you get the most out of your design tokens.

  • Florent Merian
  • Maud Miguet

3 min read

Becoming a design tokens ambassador

Let's see why a design tokens pipeline is an improvement that interests the developers, designers, and business stakeholders.

  • Michael Mangialardi

9 min read

Introduction to design tokens

Learn about what design tokens are and how they can help you scale your branding with confidence.

  • Louis Chenais

6 min read

Connect Specify. Distribute DSPs. Automatically.

Specify is the first Design Data Platform allowing you to create a continuous delivery workflow between your design system tools. Generate a DSP containing your design tokens and assets. Distribute it automatically to GitHub and use it in VSCode.

  • Louis Chenais

6 min read