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Inside Specify #2: Welcome to Thibaut & Nicolas

Learn more about three of our new team members: Thibaut who joined us as a Motion Designer, and Nicolas who joined us as a Software Engineer.

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Dec 23, 2021

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Dec 23, 2021

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Dec 23, 2021

Today, we're continuing our series about the people working at Specify. For the last couple of months, many new people have joined our team. In this post, you'll be able to learn more about three of them: Thibaut, Adrien and Nicolas.

Welcome to Thibaut

Thibaut joined us as Motion Designer.

Thibaut is a self-taught Motion Designer. He started to learn 3D and animation in his bedroom at 14. He pursued his passion for 3D even during his marketing studies in Lille: his hometown. After his graduation and some time spent in Colombia, he decided to go all-in and started his career as a 3D Motion Designer. He got "known" by creating fake modern ads for vintage products such as a film camera from the 80's and the classic MacIntosh made by Apple in 1984.

Thibaut spent some time in a handmade furniture company to help them create stunning visuals for their line of products. He also worked as a freelance motion designer with international agencies and start-ups. He then joined our growing team at Specify to create, day after day, content that will delight our users.

Being very curious, he likes to work and tinker with every aspect of a motion design project. Which can lead him to do nothing more than watching 3 hours long tutorials on a software that he'll probably never use. Thibaut is really into thrifting and is obviously always looking for classic vintage items from the eighties. Just to give them a second life or use them as subjects for his next motion design project!

Like 90% of the designers, Thibaut is a Wes Anderson nerd. His personal favorites would be Rushmore, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Grand Budapest Hotel holds a special place in his heart.

On a musical note (Ba dum tss), he's into House classics and disco-funk, always on the hunt for the next hidden gem he'll play on repeat while riding his bike. If he's not working on an animation on Cinema4D, he's either harvesting his pumpkins on Stardew Valley or defusing a bomb on Counter-Strike.

Welcome to Nicolas

Nicolas joined us as Software Engineer.

Nico is passionate about science, technology, and humanities while specializing in user experience engineering for the Web.

As a child, he dreamt of becoming an inventor while assembling his first self-made prototypes of models (mainly boats, cars, and planes). Getting access to his first computers, he got fascinated by the versatility of the machine and the exploding amount of resources available online. Growing up, he kept developing a deep interest in problem-solving. He naturally turned himself into an engineer to follow up on his need to create.

Nico started as a freelance web designer in 2012. His obsession for tailor-made user experiences led him to get into software design and development. It helped him get more ambitious projects and clients.

While still a student, he co-founded his first startup to help people looking for roommates and flats to share in European metropolises. The project ended in 2017 with tons of learning for him and his teammates.

Shortly after this entrepreneurial adventure ended, Nico joined Chance: a company dedicated to equality of professional opportunities. From an individual contributor in a 9 people group, he became Director of Technology and Design with a growing team of 8 designers and engineers.

In September 2020, he took a radical decision by leaving the project and taking over his family business. After a full year of strategy and digitalization of the customer journey: the mission was done.

Back to the tech world, Nico decided to join Specify by bringing his expertise in software and product to kick-ass the collaboration process of thousands of designers and developers on planet Earth.

In his spare time, he loves to get outdoors, hiking, cycling, running, and doing quite a lot of photography in nature, especially in his hometown in the center of the Pyrénées.

At night, you'll most likely find him editing photos and developing side-projects involving code or not.

The whole Specify team wishes you good holidays 🎄

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