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One Design API, for all your design system tools.

Specify is the first Design Data Platform that collects, stores and distributes design data — automatically. From specific sources, such as your design tool, to specific destinations, such as your code base. Specify is a Design API, a common place to meet for your tools.

Schema of Specify as a central platform allowing connections between different sources and destinations tools.

The first format solver

With this common place to meet, tools need a common language to understand each other. This is where the Design System Package (DSP) is a game changer. It will make a years long dream come true: make tools and people across different teams, using different technologies on different platforms understand each other.

DSP is a new open-format folder-structure created to help teams share Design System information across tools. From designers to developers. Tools that are compatible with this format can exchange design data and stay in sync.

All companies already supporting the DSP including Specify.

Specify x DSP: Generate and distribute DSPs — automatically.

Having a common format to share between tools is a big step forward for our industry. Creating has never been the real problem. On the opposite, maintaining any product, including a DSP, is the real one to deal with.

The Specify and DSP union gives you the opportunity to create and maintain a DSP across all your favorite design system tool. With our unique sharing pipeline, you can tailor shape your DSP according to your needs.

Schema showing Specify as a central platform from which design data can go through parsers before generating a DSP that can be used in Adobe XD and VSCode.

Collect & Store

To collect the design data, Specify uses sources (for example, a design tool). Once the connection to your source has been set up, Specify will fetch any new design tokens and assets from its souce(s), automatically, making them available in our API.

Convert, extract & spread

Once your design tokens are available, with the help of a config file, you will be able to define specific rules that will impact your extraction. One of them is called "DSP parsers" which allow your to generate a complete DSP folder with the content within Specify. By using our CLI, you are able to extract and update the package at any time.

Thanks to the VScode Plugin, you can find back the updated DSP in VSCode. Now that a substainable link is created, any update in the design tool will be echoed in VSCode.

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