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Introducing our Raycast Extension

Have you always wanted to have your organization's colors or logos at hand? Learn how to consume your design tokens now with our latest Raycast extension.

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Let's face it, consuming and using your organization's brand identity can sometimes be tedious — Whether it's a classic use case like looking for the latest logo version (in PNG? SVG?) or just copying and pasting the official brand colors.

It's a problem as old as the world, and everyone has a method: shared folder (or not) on your personal computer, search in Figma, documentation in Notion, or even an official design system in the organization for the most advanced ones.

A few months ago, we introduced Specify to help your team centralize your brand identity in a Design API. Our platform allows you to collect, store and distribute design data (colors, typography, fonts, icons, and even bitmaps, for example). All this by connecting in or out your favorite tools, like Figma or GitHub. This way, you're sure to provide and consume the most recent elements for all your teams.

Recently, we've added Raycast as a Destination to Specify, which allows you to search and consume all your design tokens and assets from your computer in seconds.

Search your design tokens and assets with Raycast

Raycast is a blazingly fast and powerful macOS launcher. The app reduces the continuous context switching with a command line inspired interface and connect your tools to "take your daily workflow to the next level" in their words.

With the Raycast extension for Specify, you can search and consume design tokens (colors, text styles, etc.) and assets (bitmaps, vectors, etc.) of your brand.

These elements come from Sources connected to Specify. We only offer Figma as a Source, but other tools like Google Drive or Dropbox are coming soon. If you are interested, you can upvote them here.

Search Colors

Are you looking for a specific color? It's as easy as 1-2-3, open Raycast and type in Search Colors.

Specify Raycast extension Search colors Command

The main action is to copy the hexadecimal value of your color. You can also access other actions like copying the value in RGBA or the name of the color by accessing the action menu via Cmd + K.

Search Bitmaps

Are you looking for a .jpg or .png file, such as a logo or photo of a team member? As with the previous search, open Raycast and type in Search Bitmaps.

Specify Raycast extension Search bitmaps Command

Search Vectors

Are you looking for a .svg file, such as a logo or an icon? Just open Raycast and type in Search Vectors.

Specify Raycast extension Search vectors Command

The main action is to copy the file to quickly use it in your favorite tools like Notion, Pitch, or Slack.

Please note that the Raycast extension only supports colors, bitmaps, and vectors for now. There's more to come.

Check out our public roadmap.

How to install the Raycast extension

You only need a few steps to use our Raycast extension.

  • First, ensure you install it via the Raycast Store by searching for Specify or clicking on the floating button at the bottom right of this blog article.
  • Then, generate a Personal Access Token from your Specify workspace.
Specify Raycast extension login with access token

For more details, you can read this article in our Help Center which details the steps.

That's it, folks! No more back-and-forth conversations or continuous context switching, your design tokens and assets are just a keystroke away with Specify and Raycast. Over to you!

Please drop us a Tweet, we're eager to read your feedback!

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