All-in-one tool for design systems

The first tool fully designed to maintain large products and design systems. All your design primitives, component states and platforms in one place.

A unified space for your daily work

Specify provides all the tools needed to be ready to build the next generation of products software.

Specify is built for your company

Make your product evolve coherently and scale your product teams at the right pace.

  • A bridge
    for product teams

    Your entire company is going to speak the same language by accessing the only source of truth you created.

  • Speed up
    daily production

    Gain hours of work maintaining your code and reduce product debt. Say hello to a new kind of team velocity.

  • Brand

    Specify helps you keep the same identity across all the platforms you use. Increase your incomes and speed-up your time to market.

  • Facilitate
    team scaling

    Every resources to start with are in Specify. Spend less time to onboard new co-workers. Start working faster and focus on what matters: users.

Ready for your workflow

Specify can be plugged to several services from design to development. Allowing you to shape it to your own workflow.

  • Multi OS

  • Compatibility

  • Integrations

Get early access

Be the first to experience Specify before it’s publically available. Early beta will only be available for macOS.