Introducing Design Data Platform

Distribute your brand from design to code

Specify helps you unify your brand identity by collecting, storing and distributing design tokens and assets — automatically.

Distribute your brand from design to code with Specify

Your brand.
Your products.
Always in sync.

Meet the design data platform you ever dreamt of.

  • Your whole brand is made of tiny design decisions

    Every day, your team makes choices and creates design tokens to collaborate better and ensure brand consistency across any product or platform.

  • Your brand is what makes you different from other brands and competitors

    Having a harmonious, memorable, and seamless experience helps your users meet their needs and achieve their goals.

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  • All your products and platforms always in sync — automatically.

    With a unique source of truth, your design decisions are easily distributed and translated to each platform's requirements.

Meet the Design Data Platform you ever dreamt of. Your brand and your products, always in sync with Specify.

  • Collect design decisions

    Easily connect all your favorite tools to your Design API to create a fully networked design system.

  • Store design tokens and assets

    Build consistency across teams, tools and platforms by creating a single source of truth for your design tokens.

  • Distribute your branding at scale

    Quickly build custom delivery pipeline that adapts to your technology and platform — automatically.

    For designers

    Transform your static styles into a design ecosystem, ready to be used on every service and platform.

    • Manage your design decisions
    • Be autonomous and update any style without developers or touching code
    • Be confident about the implementation of your work on every platform

    Meet your next-generation Design API

    Figma and Specify, always in sync

    One source of truth for all your design tokens

    For developers

    Say goodbye to time-consuming design QA. Build efficient pipelines thanks to open-source parsers.

    • Stop losing time to manually update tokens and assets
    • Control the code synchronised into your project thanks to a flexible configuration
    • Get automatic Pull Requests on your GitHub repository for every design update

    Open-source and custom parsers

    Flexible Design API, tailored pipelines

    For managers

    Adopt a shared design language across your team, find back consistency and harmony in your product.

    • Scale your teams more easily
    • Improve the time-to-market of your products
    • Align your design and engineering teams

    Align and scale your teams, your brand and your products. Always in sync.

Control style updates within your codebase

Your team is unique and so is your code. Take advantage of a flexible API to remain in control of the code synchronized into your projects, whatever the technologies you're using.

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Let's build the Design Data Platform of your dreams, together

We currently support Figma and provide a GitHub app, an API and a CLI to match developer’s needs. What apps are you expecting to be added to our app catalog in the future?

Your brand.
Your products.
Always in sync.

Meet the design data platform you ever dreamt of.