Product Updates

Product announcements and updates to help you get the most out of your design tokens and assets with Specify, the world’s first Design Data Platform.

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Product Updates

The future of design system documentation

We're shaping the future of design system documentation with Figma and Notion. Learn the behind-the-scenes and get a sneak peek of what's next at Specify.

Product Updates

Introducing our Raycast Extension

Have you always wanted to have your organization's colors or logos at hand? Learn how to consume your design tokens now with our latest Raycast extension.

Product Updates

Introducing the Specify CLI

Meet the (new) Specify CLI, with a fresh new design and a new error management system to help you get the most out of your design tokens.

Product Updates

Connect Specify. Distribute DSPs. Automatically.

Specify is the first Design Data Platform allowing you to create a continuous delivery workflow between your design system tools. Generate a DSP containing your design tokens and assets. Distribute it automatically to GitHub and use it in VSCode.

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