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Tour 1 clipper

Capture your best ideas right away with the Specify Clipper.

Save your interior design ideas to Specify instantly while you browse the web. Use the Specify Clipper bookmark to save item descriptions, images and pricing to a project in one step. Unlike other tools, the Specify Clipper works with any site, including ones you already shop. There's nothing to download or install, simply add a bookmark to your favorite web browser. (Looking for the bookmark? See the Extras page).
Tour 1 cutsheet

Create spec books and cut sheets in seconds, not hours.

Updating and creating cut sheets and interior design specifications the old way can take a lot of time. Even simple changes require several steps: change specification details, format and upload images, convert your document to PDF format, attach and email. With Specify each step happens almost instantly. With a modern browser, you can drag multiple images from your desktop and upload them in one step. Create and email PDFs in one step and save hours every week.
Tour 1 proposals

Win your next project with a great proposal.

Get started on a proposal with a pre-designed template. Enter your project and client information, then choose options for displaying costs and images. Item information will automatically be summarized and included. You can then modify and make it your own in your word processor.
Tour 1 collab

Collaborating with everyone is easy with guest access.

Invite clients, co-workers, outside interior designers or anyone else into your projects to collaborate in real time. Just enter the user's email address, and they get added and invited to a project in one step. Everyone in a project can find and work on files in one place and everything is always up to date. Clients can log in and review information information 24/7.
Tour 1 chat

Use chat instead of email and eliminate the back and forth.

Specify includes a built-in chat client, and you can also optionally add our servers to your own chat software (learn more about this here). See when other project members are online and start a chat. Questions will get answered and decisions made in minutes, not over a period of days. You can disable the chat feature when you don't want to be interrupted and stay focused.
Tour title 2
Tour 2 comments

Add comments to save every opinion and discussion.

You and other interior designers or client working together on your projects can post comments about any item. Instead of having valuable dialog buried in back and forth emails, comments can be viewed along with the specification being discussed. You'll know as soon as someone makes a comment with an instant notification as you work.
Tour 2 labels

Organize your project with labels and areas.

Use labels to keep everything all of your interior design specifications organized. Labels give you the freedom to organize your specifications in ways that are meaningful. You can quickly edit labels for multiple items at once. Within each project, items can also be grouped by area. Add an item to multiple areas and save a quantity for each. This eliminates the need to create a separate item for each associated area.
Tour 2 templates

Never forget specification details with templates.

Specify comes with item templates which you can customize by adding or removing fields, and you are also free to create your own templates. Within each spec you can click and drag fields to change how fields are sorted, delete or add new ones. Make sure lighting specs always have wattage and cord information, furniture specifications have every manufacturing detail before going to production. Accuracy makes the difference between a project that's on time and on budget and one that's not.
Tour 2 files

Save and share any image or file.

Attach shop drawings, installations instructions, and other documents and files in any format, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Photoshop, and PDF. You no longer have to search for files between your laptop, desktop or a co-workers computer. Save and find all your images alongside your specs where your clients and other interior designers can easily view them, too.
Tour 2 contacts

Manage your contacts with a shared address book.

Our simple address book lets you save client, vendor, outside interior designers, with multiple address and contact information. Everyone in your company can find a contact in one place.
Tour 2 history

Go back in time with the history view.

See every change you've ever made to your specs. Every time a specification is edited and saved, a copy of the information is automatically stored. Just click on the history view and move the slider to the left, back in time. You'll see every change and who made it - including images, spec information and notes - clearly highlighted in red.
Tour 2 worldwide

Work on projects with staff across the hall or across the world.

Specify is web based software so users need only a modern browser and internet access to get started. Work together with co-workers from from different offices or from home at any time. Your business can become more adaptable and flexible by making it easy to add temporary staff, or work with outside procurement or accounting people. Specify lets you manage users on the fly so you always have control over who has access to your data.
Tour title 3
Tour 3 invitebids

Invite vendors to submit bids online and save hours of time.

If you send items for bids you know that preparing a bid package for each vendor can be a time consuming process. You may have vendors bid on different groups of items, each requiring a different document. If a change is made at the last minute, these documents have to be updated and sent again. With Specify your vendors respond and enter their bids online. Every spec they see is always up to date. They submit quotes online right away and the bid and award cycle is completed in days, not weeks.
Tour 3 analyzebids

Award the best bids with a clear analysis screen.

Choose the right bid in a way that's better than any spreadsheet. Vendors enter the information themselves, so you never have to re-enter their responses. You can filter items and see direct comparisons for each vendor. The freight, packaging and other costs are automatically calculated. View response details and see country of manufacture, lead time, warranty or comments. And with one click you can award the bid.

Write purchase orders without writing.

You can track purchases that have been made just by entering a date and quantity information. If you need to create purchase orders, just add shipping and bill to addresses, terms and you're done. Specifications are automatically included, so you don't have to re-enter them or import them from another system.

Accounting so easy you'll (almost) like it.

You don't need separate software to manage your finances. Most accounting systems are designed to work for every kind of business. Specify was designed around your business. Track every expense, and invoice, and never have to re-enter spec information since it's already there. Store and track the deposits you receive so you can easily see profitability. You can invoice clients for your own client fees as well.
Tour 3 export

When you need to be offline, export your data.

Export specs and information into other formats to review or share with others offline. Information can be downloaded in PDF or spreadsheet (XLS) formats.
Tour 3 security

We've got you safe and secure with SSL and data backups.

All Specify accounts are accessible over https with 256-bit SSL encryption. We also perform daily data backups to keep your information safe.
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